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As of 2020, there were an estimated
70 million Deaf people

in the world.

Developing and Deploying Deaf Disciplers
What does that mean?
Was anyone born with the knowledge to do any job? Was anyone born with the ability to be a good parent or leader? Everyone that has been effective was somehow developed. Everyone needs to be developed and mentored, especially in Christian character! Ephesians 4:11-13 tell us that Christ gave us church leadership to develop and train each of us to grow in Christlikeness. This is what we have been blessed with and now desire to do for others by planting a local Romanian Deaf Baptist Church!
and Deploying...
God never desires for any work of creation to come to maturity and then do nothing! God's consistent pattern throughout Scripture is that maturity means reproduction and responsibility... and for believers that is the responsibility to go and reach others!
Deaf Disciplers
With 70,000,000 Deaf worldwide there is certainly a lot of work to do! While our focus and passion is reaching and training Deaf men, we are aware that it will take an army of laborers to significantly impact the Silent World with the Gospel and Christlikeness... an army of Deaf and hearing, men and women, that are passionate about God's mission of reaching people with the Gospel and discipling them to mature Christlikeness!
In short:
 We aim to train men in the local church to reach the silent world.
Ben, Marie,
William, & Penny

Reaching Deaf for Christ in partnership with

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Sign Language for "I love you" with the yellow negative space representing a church.
As we show God's love to the Deaf
in a language they understand, God will establish churches
for His glory.


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