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4th of July!

It's the 4th-of-July... time to get out the grill, the picnic blanket, the lawn chairs, and ...pray? With all the traditional festivities, we often forget about what we're celebrating, and how much it cost those willing to fight for freedom. It cost men's and women's lives to found this country upon Biblical principles, free of tyranny or a religious high order. It took the prayers of a godly man named Washington, made on his knees, in the snow, to get us through the revolutionary war, and the prayers of men like Abraham Lincoln to get us through the Civil War. Freedom isn't free, and I encourage you to stop, take a few minutes on your knees today, and pray for those who've lost loved ones in battles for freedom. Pray for our country; its leaders, and its churches. Pray that you, yourself, would be the kind of Christian that America needs.

God said, "If MY people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves... I will heal their land." Never were we to look to the unsaved in positions of authority to "fix" our nation, but we are told to look within our own hearts; to repent of our own sin; seek our God anew; "...and pray."

Today I enjoyed the fireworks, reminiscent of those, "...bombs bursting in air...", but I also spent time on my knees. Is America worth time spent on your knees?

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