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Busy, busy...

Wow... time is flying. I'm still working 1 day or less every week as an ICU nurse, as well as studying for the National Interpreter Certification (see my blog "the NIC") and teaching the Deaf ladies Bible study (that will be ending soon, due to my travel schedule). It all keeps me very busy, and I'm grateful for my quiet times with God each day, as it keeps everything in perspective. Please pray for me as I'll be taking the NIC exam part 1 of 2 next month.

I spend most of my time, however, at my desk. Calling churches, sending emails, and mailing packets to pastors, asking to present my ministry (goals and plans) in churches around the MD, VA, DC, PA, WV, DE areas. It's going well, and my 2016 calendar is slowly filling up with meetings and conferences.

Additionally, I was able to attend my church's annual Deaf ministry

crab feast last Saturday, and we had a great turn out with several new Deaf people joining us for a great time of food and fellowship. (The four people I'm posing with in the picture above are all Deaf.) The gospel was presented, and well received, though an "invitation" is next to impossible with a Deaf crowd (think about it...).

Looking forward to this Sunday as my sending church will be officially sending me in the evening service. My family and some other friends will be there as well. So grateful for where God has placed me, here at Rosedale Baptist Church. What a blessing!

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