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In my Bible study the last 3 days, I've found a recurring theme, "Doors." Whether it was: David asking God to "keep the door of my lips," (Ps 141: 3) demonstrating self-control and humility. Or, God "who shut up the sea with doors," (Job 38:8) demonstrating His great power. Or Joseph's brothers standing at the door, begging for mercy from the Egyptian steward (Gen 43:19), showing brokenness. Doors keep coming up in my reading or listening to God's word. It reminds me of Paul's "Great door and effectual is opened unto me..." (I Cor 16:9). A door of opportunity.

I had a wonderful "door" (invitation) opened to me to attend the Western MD Sword of the Lord conference in Oakland, MD this

week, and met some wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. I also had the priviledge of playing the piano for them... something I don't get to do often these days.

This past Saturday I had a "door" of opportunity to lead an old acquaintance (and former Raven's cheerleader) to Christ in a parking lot. She thanked me repeatedly. What a blessing. Doors sometimes come with many unknowns... but are we willing to let God open and close the doors in our life as He chooses?

On a side note, I'm immensely grateful to Church of the Open Door in Westminster, MD for taking me on for support last month. This brings me up to 33% of my monthly support needs. Wow, God is so good!

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