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(I'm going to try and post my blogs in ASL - above - to allow ASL users to keep up with me as well. ...Spanish blogs coming soon!)

This past week has been quite a highlight in my life. Last weekend was my church's "Missions Emphasis Weekend" with the theme of "SENT." Myself, along with 4 other missionary families presented our plans, mission goals, and respective fields to the entire church congregation on Sunday morning via short videos. Briefly explaining where God was SENDing us. Though I have made a lot of friends at my church (Rosedale Baptist Church) in these last 4 1/2 years, the size of the congregation means that there will natually be a number of people who have still never met me. This opportunity helped bring everyone on the same page and 'in the know' with who I am and what I'm doing. Sunday evening, after a message on missions, I was called up to the platform, and then my pastor's wife, the wives of the church staff members, and literally my whole church came and surrounded me with prayer. It was a humbling moment, and truly overwhelming, as my church demonstrated their love and support for my calling to Honduran Deaf.

It was an added privilege to have my parents and all five brothers, as well as two of my closest friends there to support me on this joyous occasion. A Deaf couple also came to support me.

Interestingly, my Bible reading that very Sunday morning was in Genesis 45. Here, as Joseph makes his identity known to his brothers, he says - three times - that God himself had sent him to Egypt (verse 5, 7, & 8). A beautiful reminder that even though my church was sending me as their missionary, this was still all God's idea. He was sending me.

Though the task ahead still seems daunting when I really consider what I'm doing, I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be. What peace.

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