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my age?

[ASL version coming soon!]

One of the most common questions I am cautiously asked is "um... how old are you?"

Several months ago, one pastor announced, "I've done the math [referring to the years I've spent in college, studying Spanish, a clown, a nurse, etc] and I know her age: Marie is 45!" Of course he was joking, but another man was not joking 2 weeks ago, when he seriously guessed my age as, "oh... around 13 or 14?" He's not the first, either.

Truth is, I'm twenty six, but the fact that I am blessed with the skills and degrees I have is largely due to my hard-working parents.

I was homeschooled all 12 years, and my parents always encouraged us ["required us" would be more accurate...] to be busy with activities that would either prepare us for a vocation as an adult, enable us to serve better at church, or improve our relationships with one another. If

I understand homeschooling isn't for everyone, but I am eternally grateful my parents chose that option. Both my parents worked hard, and were actively involved in our education: secular, physical, social, and spiritual, which was key. They prayed through our growing up years, and God blessed.

Many people also are surprised I have five brothers. "You poor thing!" is the typical response. Though I certainly prayed for a sister (and my parents tried their best...) God's best was to give me 5 younger brothers to challenge me, mold me, and make me the woman I am today; and I am grateful. When I was 13 I got angry at God for daring to give me this lot in life, but

through the Bible He gently gave me the truth: I could resent it,

I am slightly resentful, however, that they didn't inherit the "young gene"... or whatever it is that makes me look 13. Most people assume that at least 3 or 4 of my brothers are older than I am. Oh well... I guess you can't have it all!

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