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On the Home Front

April 12, 2024

We try to focus our prayer letters on a variety of topics and events that happen, primarily in regard to ministry, but wanted to take this month’s blog post to share a short snippet about our kids! Thank you so much for your prayers for them, and we hope this helps you pray better for each of them.

Serenity is almost three years old! She is very expressive and uses a decent amount of sign language and English to communicate her ideas. She loves learning her letters, and knows all her letters and her numbers up to 20 (although she can’t pronounce the word “seven,” or any number past ten, so she just hums when she gets to those numbers and only signs them). She loves people and always enjoys company. She likes the colors orange and pink and loves to ask Marie to tell her the story of “Ee!” (Eve), which is a simple version of Creation to Christ that Marie tells her. Please continue to pray for her as she is now getting regular exposure to the elements of the Gospel! Pray also that we would have wisdom during this pivotal stage of training between three and four years old.

William is quieter than either of his sisters, and already at about 21 months is showing signs of being more introverted. He doesn’t tend to like new places, new routines, or being around a lot of people and loud noises. At times he will go off by himself and quietly play. He likes to play with a set of bowls that stack, dirt, and to “wrestle” with Daddy. He does not talk a lot, and when he does, he says only one sign or word and uses a soft tone. He is very sweet and will often become upset when one of the girls or Marie hurt themselves or is sad about something. He loves to sleep and eat, and although he is shorter than his twin sister, Penny, he weighs more. Pray for wisdom with how to parent our little boy to become a godly man with a heart sensitive to the things of God!

Penny is full of zest! She is almost as tall as Serenity, thin, and wants to do everything that she sees and hears Serenity do. She uses words with volume and intensity, and is already defending her twin brother. Ironically, Penny calls William “Baby,” even though he is the older twin (by 13 minutes)! She like to be active and doesn’t like bedtime. It is very amusing to hear her pretend she understands letters like Serenity as she points to a letter (or sometimes a number) and emphatically announces what she thinks it is! Pray for wisdom to train this firecracker to be joyfully submissive so that she can serve God boldly in the future!


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