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Summary of 2023 (compiled Feb, 2024)

Current phase of ministry (2023): 

  1. Deputation

  2. Language/culture learning (Romanian spoken & written)

  3. Language/culture learning (Romanian sign language)

  4. Bible studies/church plant

  5. Training deaf men for the ministry

"Welcome to Romania!" video created February 16th, 2023 one month after moving to Romania.

How do we get to language school?? Come join us for the trip! (Early April, 2023)

A day of language school:

Who do we practice language with, before and after class? Where do we do homework? What do we do with the kids? What's the weather like in Bucharest in July? Come join us for a day! (End of July/Beginning of August 2023)

[Note: there is no sound for the first 15 seconds.]
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