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The N.I.C.

Please pray for me as I study for the National Interpreter Certification (NIC). This is interpreting with American Sign Language (ASL). In Honduras, however, I'll have to learn LESHO - the official Honduran sign language - before starting a Deaf ministry.

Though ASL and LESHO use a lot of different signs, they are a lot more similar than two spoken languages (Spanish and English, for instance). With a deeper understanding of professional interpreting techniques and issues in the States, I'll have a far better knowledge-base to build on, when learning LESHO in Honduras. I'm hoping to take the whopper-test this Fall.

It's amazing to me how much there is to the art and science of sign language interpreting, but having been immersed in Deaf culture weekly through my church's Deaf ministry, many things I'm learning from the textbooks make sense because I've seen them before... I just didn't know they had a name! God knew what He was doing when He placed me in Deaf ministry 4 years ago.

Thank you for your support. 'Til next time...


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