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Honduras Missions Trip

Last week I returned from a wonderful, packed, 10-day missions trip to Honduras.

This was NOT a Deaf missions trip, though that will be my primary goal of moving to Honduras as a missionary next year. This was a medical missions trip.

Medical Missions Outreach/MMO ( takes medical/volunteer teams to a different country almost every month, and partners with local missionaries to set up a clinic. The goal is to use the clinic as a means of connecting the public with the missionary's local church, and, most importantly, to share the gospel with every single patient that comes to be seen. Specifically in Honduras, MMO teams up with Team Honduras, so I was able to work alongside my Team most of the week, as were my brothers.

During clinic, my job was overseeing Triage; taking basic vital signs and writing

I also had the privilege of meeting an educated Deaf

Since returning from Honduras I have been back on the "deputation trail," and have meetings booked with several churches before I return home. Thank you for your prayers for my safety and wisdom as I travel many miles and share my passion with many different churches.

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